Monogram Lighting Includes:

  • Your design/names projected onto the floor or ceiling
  • Custom Metal Gobo from a huge selection of designs
  • Large Gobo disk to allow a more detailed designed gobo compared to competitors who have cheaper gear
  • Powerful Gobo light that allows your monogram to be seen vividly
  • Option for rotation gobo on the dance floor with our LED gobo light with your choice of gobo color


Uplighting Includes:

  • LED/wireless/battery powered lights that allow us to have zero ugly wires showing
  • bright vivid colors (or dimmed to the brightness you desire)
  • Capability to change the colors seamlessly throughout the night from the DJ booth.
  • We can create any desired color you would like with our uplighting
  • 2 Lights for cake or behind main table
  • 8 Lights
  • 12 Lights
  • 16 Lights